Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt was a second year project where I worked with a group of fellow students from my class and together we created an app for an artist in her final year. We worked with Mariella Verkerk, a fine art student at DJCAD. After our initial interviewing process, which allowed us to fully understand what Verkerk would be looking for in an app, we began creating Treasure Hunt. The premise for the app was that during an exhibition the audience could download the app and be taken on a tour around Dundee. Their progress would then be displayed alongside the  artwork in a gallery setting.

The app made use of virtual reality technology, with markers placed along the journey which allowed participants to view the artwork in 3D. The app also contained details about Mariellas work, and once works had been discovered allowed users to read more about the individual piece of work. The visual language of the app is directly based on the work of the artist, with many of her pieces being used within the digital environment.