S.D.S  (Status Display  System) is a project from a module called the 21st Century Barometer – one of this constraints of this project was that the outcome must pull from the internet, but must not use a screen to display data. This project was completed in two parts, initially we worked individually examining ethnographic research and having the opportunity to work with potential users, we then generated individual concepts prior to forming groups with those with similar areas of interest. SDS was based on ethnographic research, where as a group we had come to the realisation that for families living in cities, routine was one of the most important factors. Whether the family lived in New York, or Paris all of the families involved in the research had depended heavily on their own routine.

From here we began considering factors which would disrupt this routine, one of the biggest of these was transport. As a result of this insight, we chose to base our project around one particular route, and create a device which shows whether the train is early, on time, or delayed at a given time.

SDS unit