NatWest Case Study

NatWest App Assessment and User Testing
Completed: May 2016

NatWest developed an iOS and Android app for their customers. This was assessed and following user testing, was awarded the RNIB Approved mark. This means the core functions of the app are accessible and usable for blind and partially sighted users.

Skills Used:
Result analysis
Report writing
Organisational skills

Skills Gained:
App evaluation
App observed user testing

Summary of Project:
Initially the NatWest app was assessed against the internal RNIB App Standard, which allows an app to be consistently evaluated for accessibility and usability. We completed this for both iOS and Android operating systems. Any issues found by us during this phase of the evaluation were amended prior to all user testing.

We then carried out observed user testing with a number of users with varying experience levels when using in-built access technology. Voiceover is a built in screen reading software on iOS, the equivalent of this on the Android system is TalkBack. Both systems also have magnification software, therefore it was important to test with both blind and partially sighted users to ensure that the system was usable.

From the initial evaluation and user testing a number of actionable recommendations were made, including adjusting the colours used in the design to meet international standards and naming all elements which makes it easier for screenreader users to interact with buttons and links on screen.

NatWest made the required changes to receive the RNIB Approved award.